1 Year Membership

1 Year Membership


You’re curious about membership - cool!

As a WoCo member, our $100/year fee gets you access to every single one of our events. Depending on scheduling, that can run between 11-15 events per year on average. If you can attend regularly, this will save you a bit of money off our nominal per-event cost, along with the Eventbrite fees. We also have members who know they’ll only be able to attend 50% of our events each year, but like the convenience in registration and want us to have those dedicated funds handy. Whatever your level of interest, your support is very appreciated, and will help us continue our mission.

Our new membership model has developed for two reasons -

  1. To help us cover the overhead expenses to keep WoCo thriving

  2. To streamline access to our events (when you join as a member you can use an access code to register rather than paying fees on Eventbrite)

  3. We do not earn a profit on our events - In our 5 years of hosting these, we’ve found that if you pay a few bucks, you’re more likely to show up, and that’s what we’re aiming for.

It’s important to us that WoCo stay accessible, and that the per-event cost is nominal. If you’re interested in attending an event but are concerned about the cost, please reach out to us at wocomn@gmail.com — we’ll help make it happen!

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